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Atlanta's Rise of the Imperator Results

Atlanta's Rise of the Imperator Results
Stone Mountain, Georgia
Saturday May 9th, 2009
12 players
2 R + F

Winning Player:  David Quinonero-Santiago
Winning Clan: Nosferatu (three Nosferatu decks in the finals + 2 Tremere)
Key Minion: Sheldon, Lord of the Clog
Imperator Nominee: Sheldon, Lord of the Clog


David Q., Nosferatu Princes, Group 1/2, 2 GW / 7 VP
     featuring Sheldon, Selma, Nikolaus Vermuelen
Danielle N., Tremere Princes, Group 4/5, 2 GW / 6 VP
     featuring Gerald Windham and Orlando Oriundus
David L., Nosferatu Princes & Friends, Group 2/3, 1 GW / 4 VP
     featuring Cock Robin and Casino Reeds
Jeff T., Fidus & Rock Cats, Group 1/2, 1 GW / 2 VP
     featuring Fidus and Thomas Thorne
David T., Nosferatu & Greensleeves, Group 4/5, 0 GW / 2 VP

Seating in the Finals:

Group 1/2 Nosferatu Princes
Tremere Princes
Fidus & Rock Cat
Group 2/3 Nosferatu Princes & Friends
Nosferatu and Greensleeves

With three different sets of Nosferatu, the Consanguineous Boons in the Sheldon & Greensleeves decks bloated the Cock Robin deck horrendously.  He had 20+pool and 6 large minions before the game timed out. 


As we had 12 players, I only took notes during the round where I was ousted early.

Round 1, ~30 minute mark

Table 1
David Q.  (eventually 4 VP sweep)
    -Murat with Ivory Bow
    -Sheldon, Lord of the Clog
    -The Labyrinth
    -(ousted at this point)
    -2 Rock Cats, Thomas Thorne, Sarah Cobbler, Fidus, Mustapha Rahman
    -Didi Meyers
    -Gilbert Duane (Spying Mission) - Banished, never to return
    -Vidal Jarbeaux with Aching Beauty, the Rack, and a Blood Doll

Table 2
David T. (1 vp)
    -Wolfgang with Vessel, Praxis Seizure: Amsterdam, and Tasha Morgan
    -The Embrace
    -Carver's Meat Packing and Storage
    -Ashur's Tablets x2
    -Lutz von Hohenzollern
    -Arthur Denholm
    -(also ousted by this point)
Danielle (3 vps)
    -Dr. John Dee
    -Gerald Windham
    -Fabrizia Contreraz
    -Sean Rycek
    -(Lutz von Hohenzollern) lost to contesting and Praxis Solomon
    -Elysium, The Arboretum

Table 3
David L. (3 vps)
    -Calebros, the Martyr
    -Casino Reeds
    -Kendrick with Villein
Norm (1 vp)
    -Francois Villon with Fortitude discipline master, in torpor
    -Kyoko Shinsegawa had been burned by Society of Leopold
    -Madame Guil later made an appearance but was not in play at this point
    -Queen Anne was a Perfectionist
    -Timothy Crowley


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