Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Duffin Draft for Jyhad?

Suppose one were interested in Duffin-drafting Jyhad boosters:

(1) Would the 19 cards in each pack require any changes to the format?
(2) Would the base-settiness of it all make the "decks" too good?


Blogger Matt said...

Tough question. Do you have more Jyhad boosters? If so, we should do an actual sanctioned draft with them. That's always a treat!

I'd say that as with any other draft format, Jyhad would make everything a little more playable. Of course, without burn option cards and with the extra 8 cards, it'll take each player a little longer to cycle his or her library.

For a single pack Duffin Draft, I'd probably still start with 12 pool for each player. Jyhad has some good defensive cards like Blood Doll and Wake that aren't found in other drafts. Stalemates could happy pretty easily with too much defensive tech. Best to keep the games quick.

11:46 AM  
Blogger Josh Duffin said...

Yeah, Matt's probably about right. It would be a little good compared to the more wild Duffin Drafts (the state of the art is currently believed to have every participant starting with a pack from a different set), but not outrageously so, I imagine. 12 pool for 1 pack is probably fine even with the 19 cards. If it were a Double Jyhad Duffin Draft, probably 15 pool would work OK, and it would probably start feeling a lot like a "real" draft.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Rehlow said...

Do you get to recycle your library after going through it? I didn't get a chance to see Duffin Draft take place, so I don't know all the rules.


5:26 PM  
Blogger Pat Lusk said...

I have a box of Jyhad boosters coming my way from eBay... I'm game to save them for something sanctioned. Maybe Josh's possible September sanctioned draft, even? (Unless we don't want to hose the store by using outside product...)

And if we do draft them, we can pool all the cards afterward and use them to make 11-card packs for Bring-your-own-Boosters Draft! (I don't suppose that's been tried yet, has it?)

10:23 PM  
Blogger Josh Duffin said...

Rehlow - Duffin Draft works like this: take a booster pack per person. (They can be all the same or all different.) Draft those packs just like a regular booster draft. Now, play a game (we usually play as seated to save time) using your drafted library and crypt. Your library and crypt are *all* the cards you drafted - no taking things out. You start with 12 pool (for single duffin draft) or 15 pool (for double duffin draft = 2 packs per player, though the DDD version is quite a bit more like real draft in some ways). You use the Swainbank rule for reshuffling - if your library is empty (you don't have to be below handsize though), you can use a discard phase action to reshuffle your ash heap into your library (and burned vampires into your crypt, not that that has ever mattered that I've seen). You still get 6 pool for ousting someone, though Jon Sushinsky suggested lowering that to 3 pool, considering how huge an amount 6 is in this 'format', although on the other hand, the snowball effect does help the game come to a conclusion.

Pat - Yeah, the BYOBoosters format has not been tried yet, we should really do that sometime. As for sanctioned draft, yeah, if we're at Dream Wizards, we probably ought to just buy everything there, but we could hypothetically do another sanctioned draft sometime incorporating Jyhad product. Or not, you know, whatever. :-)

4:15 PM  
Blogger Rehlow said...

Ah, yes, the Swainbank rule for reshuffling of course. Thanks Josh.

Will definately have to try some time, like the next time I miss the finals, but am waiting for them to finish.


5:57 PM  

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