Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ahoy from Buda-Pest!

Yes indeed, we're all here! Well, all of us except "Luscious" Scott Johnson, who appears to be denying us his lusciousness. I don't know what's up with that. :-)

So far, so good: Budapest is really cool, everyone is very nice, and it's amazing how many different languages all these people speak.

In the finals of the last-chance-qualifier right now, there's Jay Kristoff, Beatrice During, Stefan Ferenci, Tibor whose last name I do not know, and somebody else who I know neither name of (sorry!). I hear a rumor three of them are playing weenie Auspex, but I don't know which three (though I might be able to guess some of them, heh...)

In the Legacies of Blood super-pre-release, the finalists were Zsolt whose last name I don't know, Ben Peal, me, Martin whose last name I don't know, and Max whose last name I don't know. (It's kind of a theme here.) Three of us were playing Ishtarri, one Guruhi, one Osebo, no Akunanse, though I don't know if that pattern will hold up in other prereleases... I managed to get really lucky and win the game even though I was contesting a vampire with Ben (my predator) for the entire game (well, until he got ousted by his predator, Zsolt). So it was 4 VPs Josh, 1 VP Zsolt, I believe. Too bad it wasn't sanctioned, I could really use the rating points again these days... ;-)

So I should really be going now, I don't know if I'll have time to post again while in Europe, but after I get back on the 12th, maybe I will, and if we're really lucky, maybe someone else will actually post something before then!




Blogger Johann said...

super pre-release?? how did you guys get the cards early? Spoilers please!!

thanks =)

6:03 PM  
Blogger Xian said...

Speaking of ratings points, last I checked, you hadn't turned in the results for the draft tournament I won at GenCon. Curse you, Duffin!

10:58 AM  

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