Monday, August 15, 2005

Our First Night of Nightmares

Yes, the Week of Nightmares has officially begun at about 7:15 pm on Sunday night. Matt Morgan and I arrived at the Ram around 5 last night to find Oscar Garza several beers into his own Week, as for some reason he was sent in early Sunday before any other VTES players showed up. So we hung out for a while and then John Pattie of Winnipeg arrived to rescue us from our VTESless fate. Probably about three four-player games were played at the Ram before Jon Sushinsky rolled in from Denver to make our first full table... though by then the Ram was actually closing up since it's not quite twenty-four-hour gaming time yet (for them at least). So we went back to the Best Western and played two more games before calling it time for some rest. Now, of course, having woken up, we shall soon be returning to the Ram for yet more VTES, and the first scheduled tournament (2 pm constructed, I believe).

If you're not in Indianapolis yet, you still have time! Come on down!


Blogger Jason Babbitt said...

So are you gonna tell us about these games? Even just a little, like what decks were played and who won.

3:11 PM  
Blogger Tobin said...

I'll be there on Wednesday!! You SOB's with no other lives (or maybe wives get to go early) ;)


9:57 PM  

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