Monday, July 04, 2005

Josh Keeps Yelling

We're back! At only, like, three in the morning. And it really is "only", considering that the earliest I got to sleep the last four nights was somewhere in the five a.m. range. Origins is, obviously, too much fun to sleep through.

I do apologize to our readers who have been waiting impatiently for up-to-the-minute news from the convention floor - it seems I vastly overestimated the likely availability of wireless internet access at Origins. Hopefully we can do better next time.

I was lucky enough to qualify on Saturday... just barely, as I was the sixth and final newly qualifying person at the Origins tournament. I played, as you may have heard on DJ Feng Shui's sweet sweet blog (of which I was until very recently unaware,, a Malkavian/!Malkavian stealth bleed deck. Yes. I have no shame.

In other news, I didn't personally any tournaments, but Matt won the (four or five player!) draft on Saturday opposite the qualifier, Chris Berg won the qualifier, and seven-year-old V:TES prodigy Connor Bell ousted me in the finals of the fifth and latest-running (somewhere around the fabled... 3 a.m.?) Thursday tournament, going on to oust his father (John Bell) and win the tournament. The kid's good! Then, for cosmic balance (or something), we played THE EXACT SAME DECKS in Saturday's qualifier, but with the seating reversed, in the second round (I preyed on Connor), and I ousted him for a change. So, stealth bleed preying on stealth bleed, being on the prey side is bad? I'm sure it's this kind of shocking insight that has drawn you to this blog.

Okay, now it's somewhat past three and I seem to be getting tired. Hopefully my compatriots will have something to say about Origins, and I'll have more later too, I'm sure...


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