Friday, July 01, 2005

The last deck I played...

The world seems sad that Josh is so far not posting so much from Origins... which is understandable, as he does have to focus on actually qualifying at some point. (TotalCon must surely have taught him that you only try unwinnable decks after you've already qualified.)

So, anyway, I thought I'd start a thread (is it a thread when it's on a blog? or is that only for newsgroups?) for everyone to post a short note about the most recent deck (or couple of decks) he's played.

I played in a tournament in Holmes, PA last weekend, meeting the south-of-Philly group for the first time... nice crowd, had a ball! Was lucky enough to win with my Owain/Matthias OBE-DOM-FOR-AUS deck (as if you would have other disciplines with those vamps). A rather fun deck to play, but mostly I won because my pred & grand-pred spent the whole final beating each other up. Torpor is definitely the best place for your predator's Lambach.

Anyway, the actual last deck I played was my version of the Pochtli Twister. (Almost typed "Ben Peal's Pochtli Twister," but IIRC, it wasn't original with Ben... forget who gets original credit.)

I made the support crypt a little more focused... 4 G1 Malks, 3-4 Fredericks, the rest Pochtli. Freddy, as the cheapest !Bru, is there just for the Carriage Return Whatever. The G1 Malks are there for superior AUS (Telepathic Counter, Telepathic Misdirection), plus using the DOM & OBF cards when Pochtli's not using 'em. And Ozmo's +1 bleed came in handy as well.

I have 24-25 burn option cards (mix of Tracker's Mark, Dhabi Revenant, and a couple other Bloodlines cards), plus I added a couple more Telepathic Counters, and a Disguised Weapon for the .44. I lost the Harbingers support vamps and HoS clan stuff (believe Ben's version had both Lazarene Inquisitor and Erebus Mask).

Also added Erciyes Fragments to get my prey's ash heap in on the recycling fun.

Last two times I've played it, I've gotten 3 VP in a 4-player game, which is surprisingly effective for a "fun" deck. (The time before, it was shut completely down by a walled-up !Ven prey.)

So what about you, what was the last deck you played?


Blogger mattgreen said...

The last deck I played was big Malk/!Malk deck with presence that got me to the final of the UK ECQ in May. Which is a sad reflection on how often I get to play these days.

Matt Green (4th Place)

CRYPT - 12

Alicia Burrows x 4
Aristotle de Laurent x 2
Esau x 4
Lazarus James x 2


Blood Doll x 3
Direct Intervention x 2
Dreams of the Sphinx x 6
Elysium: The Arboretum x 2
Forest of Shadows
Giant's Blood
Life Boon x 2
Madness Network x 4
Powerbase: Barranquilla
Purchase Pact x 2

Enchanted Marionette
Kindred Spirits x 10
Approximation of Loyalty x 6
Confusion x 6
Elder Impersonation x 6
Swallowed by the Night x 7
Spirit's Touch x 4
Telepathic Misdirection x 8
Wake with Evenings Freshness x 10
Majesty x 8

Drop the Spirit's Touches for Spying Missions and maybe 2 Approximations for 2 Heart of the City, although i'm sure there are a few people that would sry in horror at 24 masters and drop a few of them first.

I will say that I was never jammed throughout the day and that the 6 Dreams were very good at moving cards through my hand (and getting an early 9/10 cap). The ability to play Elysium and Purchase Pact is good anti-combat with 8 Majesties.

Alicia's special is great for responsible bleeding but after the final where i looked at my prey's hand and found 4 bounce cards, a few Spying Missions are probably needed.

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