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Battle Lines: Atlanta, Storyline Results

Battle Lines: Atlanta, Storyline Results
Date of event: June 19, 2010
Location of event: Atlanta, Georgia
Number of players: 8
Winning Player: Jeffrey Thompson
Winning Clan: Salubri Antitribu
Winning Faction: Bahari/Lilith
Key Minion: Adonai

We had 8 players and we played 3 rounds without a final.  We ran the event as a multi-deck multi-judge tournament.  In the six games, I believe there were only 2 Loyalists.  Lilith’s Blessing is too strong not to play, and the motivation for an action for an alternate hunt action is lacking that Guide and Mentor was only played by decks that didn't think they would ever have empty vampires.  (Neither of those two decks got victory points, to my recollection.)

This is my memory of the results:
Salubri Antitribu (I am I) 2 GW, 6 VP
Baali (Hordes + Unnamed) 1 GW, 5.5 VP
Nagarja (Anu Diptinatpa + Sennadurek) 1 GW, 4 VP
Daughters of Cacophony (Lilly Prelude)  1 GW, 4 VP
Harbingers of Skulls (Byzar + Slaughterhouse + Brinksmanship) 1.5 VP
Daughters of Cacophony (Scout + Shattering Crescendo) 1 VP
Baali (Nergal + Saulot) 1 VP

Other decks that were played:
All Gargoyles with only some Tupdogs
Another Nagaraja deck with the same crypt
Salubri Antitribu (Laibon + Kerrie?)
Salubri Antitribu (The Loving Agony of Targeted Vitals)
Hermanas Menor Love Lilith and Thrown Sewer Lids
Saulot brings all his buddies to the Marionette show
Huitzilopotchli Soul Gem Super Bleed with extra block fails

This is basically the same deck I played in Charleston last February for a tournament win, with a second Kervos replacing Richard Tauber to be 75% Salubri Antitribu.  No changes were made to the library.

Deck Name : I am I
Author : The Lasombra
Description :  This is a great 4 player deck.  Everyone is close
enough to be touched by the intercept and combat.

1st round, I played the The Loving Agony of Targeted Vitals and couldn't stand up to Nergal my predator and then Arishat and the Hordes as my new predator (Arishat swept) I did convince the Hordes to tap once to make Nergal's bleed for 4, so that the Archon Investigation in my hand would burn him. That deck will be posted later, here:

2nd round, 3 VP, with grand predator getting 1 (Burned Huitzilopotchli
backwards before he got a Soul Gem)

3rd round, 3 VP, with grand predator getting 1 (Blocked a number of

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 3 max: 8 average: 5.5
3x Dela Eden              8  AUS FOR VAL cel dom   !Salubri:3
3x Adonai                  7  AUS VAL for           !Salubri:2
1x Remilliard, Devout Crusader  4  AUS pre        !Toreador:2
1x Thomas Steed, The Angry     4  ani aus val      !Salubri:2
1x Isabel de Leon         3  AUS                   Toreador:2
2x Kervos, The Lieutenant      3  aus val         !Salubri:2
1x Zoe                 3  AUS cel obf           Malkavian:2

Library [90 cards]
  1x Abbot
  2x Anima Gathering
  4x Sense Death

Combat [25]
  4x Armor of Caine's Fury
  9x Blissful Agony
  7x Eye of Unforgiving Heaven
  5x Soak

Equipment [1]
  1x Bowl of Convergence

Master [14]
  4x Blood Doll
  1x Blooding by the Code
  1x Dark Influences
  1x Fame
  1x Giant's Blood
  2x Guardian Angel
  3x Path of Retribution, The
  1x Rotschreck

Reaction [42]
  3x Eagle's Sight
  3x Enhanced Senses
  4x Eyes of Argus
  6x Forced Awakening
  2x Forced Vigilance
  3x My Enemy's Enemy
  7x On the Qui Vive
  3x Precognition
  3x Telepathic Counter
  8x Telepathic Misdirection

Retainer [1]
  1x Mr. Winthrop


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