Saturday, August 20, 2005

This post no good title

So we just played the first day of the North American Championships... well... by "just played" I mean that the preliminary rounds ended around 7 pm, and then we ate and played another couple rounds of Duffin Draft (though we have yet to manage (or in fact even finish inventing) the fabled Double Duffin Draft) and a couple pickup games, and at long last came back to the room to work on decks and, at some point, sleep.

Pictures exist of Stephane Lavrut in a rather astounding fairy-queen costume that he wore all day on account of losing a bet... and of Andreas Nusser in an even more astounding Princess Leia slave-girl sort of outfit, though for most of the day he kept it pretty well hidden under a red cape, on account of that same bet... but I don't have them yet. Tomorrow!

Stefan Ferenci won the first day of the championships with some kind of weenie Auspex deck that totally shunned permanent intercept... Matt, Xian, Ben, Devin and I (out of people from my hotel room) all qualified for day 2 with a game win each and assorted plus or minuses beyond that... a whole bunch of other people (exactly 35 in fact) also advanced to day 2... and I should really go to sleep now unfortunately, though I would love to tell you more... I played Lasombra dirty dirty stealth-vote-bleed, Matt played Ignazio Giovanni rush/bleed/deflect, Ben played Cheesequake Still Kills You, Xian played the Tremere bleedy deck he played at the Origins qualifier, Devin played a mighty mighty Beast Eats Your Head deck...

In the draft tournament that I succeeded in throwing together yesterday afternoon (sorry about the lack of blogging, we've been busy and away from the room and its sweet sweet wireless), we acquired sixteen players (whee!) and the finalists were Xian, Dave Setty, Stephane Lavrut, Josh Feuerstein, and Ben Peal... Xian won that with a REALLY HOT play involving Anarch Revolt and two of his preys dying on the same turn around the table... Matt Morgan and I lived up to our reputations by, uh, getting 0.5 VPs and 0 VPs respectively... and that's just about all I know right now. Time for bed!


Blogger Xian said...

5 out of 5 from the same hotel room? Must be something in the water.

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