Thursday, August 18, 2005

Success at last!

We spent yesterday morning eating, laundering and working on Josh's Create-a-Clan deck so we didn't play vtes until 4pm when the first Create-a-Clan deck. I hadn't had time to work on anything new so I played my deck from the DC Create-a-Clan tournament last year. My disciplines are auspex, dementation and vicissitude.

First table was
me with aus/dem/vic
Ben Peal with aus/for/qui
Jon Sushinsky with for/obf/ser
Devin Villegas with dom/obf/qui

Ben quickly destroyed Jon with goofy Quietus combat and mighty bleeds of 1. Devin got me pretty quickly with his stealth bleeds and my not drawing bounce until he drew Revelations. Ben got Devin in the endgame because Devin couldn't pull enough stealth to get through Ben's intercept and Ben's crappy Quietus combat was better than Devin's crappy Quietus combat. I should've Rotshrecked them both all over the place, but my deck just didn't perform.

Second table:
me with aus/dem/vic
John Pattie with pot/pro/tha
Jon Sushinsky with for/obf/ser
Oscar Garza with cel/dem/for

Jon killed Oscar quickly with bleeds for 1 and Enticements. John was a little hapless because he couldn't block me due to my stealth and didn't want to rush me due to my Rotschrecks (never played any, but they still did their job). Too bad, because John's deck was based on Trogdor the Burninator, so I have to have a lot of respect for that. I even sang the Trogdor song for John. He pretended he didn't like it much, but eventually he was singing along, so I think he appreciated it. Anyway, it was soon a two-player game and I destroyed Jon with Vicissitude combat. Hurrah! We played no final, and Ben and I were the only ones with game wins (the other table timed out both times). Ben beat me with half a VP, so he won the tournament and I got second place. Another good showing for my created clan.

There was a pickup game followed by the third Swainbank draft of the week. My draft pod had just wack stuff with a few Cam packs, some Anarchs, a Bloodlines and some Black Hand and KMW. We didn't all have the same stuff so it was really great. Anyway, I'm very proud of my deck, so here it is:

Doyle Fincher
Janey Pickman
Mata Hari
Gustavo Morales
Yazid Tamari

Go Anarch x2
Web of Knives Recruit
Cat Burglary
Fee Stake: Corte
Fee Stake: Los Angeles
Army of Rats

Black Sunrise
The Mole x4
Friend of Mine

Action Modifiers
Deed the Heart's Desire x2

Anarch Revolt
Traditionalist x2
Secret Horde
The Slaughterhouse

Nightmares upon Nightmares

Drum of Xipe Totec
Sengir Dagger
Erebus Mask

Rumors of Gehenna
Anarch Salon
Domain Challenge

Abyssal Hunter x2

Form of Mist x2
Form of the Ghost
Mayaparisatya x2
Shape Mastery
Masque of Judas
Leathery Hide

Isn't that a thing of incredible beauty? Naturally I won the (again no-finals) tournament. I got Mata Hari out in both games, but obviously the Anarch Gustavo was MVP for the defensive team with all those The Moles. I did get an Abyssal Hunter out in the first game, but unfortunately couldn't get past Dan's KRCG in the second game. I later (after reshuffling my deck) Specialized the two Abyssal Hunters for a pool. I actually got 4 pool from Specialization that game which is way better than I've ever done with it in constructed.

I also had fun with Mata Hari and the Drum playing Mayaparisatya. She torporized two of Darby's vampires in the first game.

I think I'm short on time to write more about this tournament, but I'd be happy to answer any questions about my beautiful deck. I guess Josh's deck was pretty nice too, but we didn't play against one another and I managed like 1 more VP in the tournament, so he had to settle for second place.

Then we came back to the hotel room and Josh had a brilliant idea! We ran a draft with one pack each starting with only 10 pool. It was great fun and only took about 15 minutes. Then we did it again (with 12 pool this time as an experiment, but it didn't seem to make much difference). I won the first game and Ben won the second one. This will henceforth be known as Duffin Draft. Get used to do the idea! You must Duffin Draft!

Today will be the last-chance qualifier (which I'm not playing in) and the first sanctioned draft. Tell you how it goes later.


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I wish I could remember anything about the sanctioned draft at this point. All I remember is the finals. D'oh. I might still have the terrible deck that I somehow won with around somewhere, though.

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