Monday, August 22, 2005

On Being a Central PA Player in NAC

Back from NAC. I loved the 4 days of play. Did drafting and played in NAC. Unfortunately being in an area that plays rarely I had only one quality deck built. The same Assamites the q'd me in DC. They got me 1GW, 5VP in rd. 1 to get me to rd. 2 and then it gumped me on the second day (1.5 vp).
The best single reason to go to these things is that now I have not only a face, but a haircut, a personality, a voice, a laugh, a memory for all these names that I've seen on the net. I met Xian, Ben P, Ben S, Jay and Will Kristoff, Stefan F, LSJ, Wes Weston, Robyn and David T. These are now people with personalities instead of just names on a screen. I got to see Pat L, Josh D, Oscar G, Jon S, Carol O'Bryan, and many others I can't remember right now.
I was my first NAC, and after it I hope it's not my last.
It was truly a privilege to play with everyone.
Congrats to the final Table especially Josh. Who admitted and apologized for using cheese to oust me (and 2 others) in game 3 (rd. 2) to get his GW to get to the final table. Although Fatima did hold on and put a couple of his minions down before I went. ;)


Blogger Xian said...

Hey, good meeting you too, Tobin. And it was fun playing an actual game with you on NAC Day 2, even if it didn't work out in your (or my) favor.

2:04 AM  

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