Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Live From Chateau des Buis

There's a painting on the wall which says Chateau des Buis.

We've played a lot of games so far, too many to recount all of them. Looks like the lowcap intercept swarmy things are doing well. I hate those things.

So like Josh said, I got 4th place in the tournament yesterday. I was at the table with Josh in the first round. I was playing my Marcus Vitel the Bad Babysitter deck. Marcus isn't a very good babysitter and when the babies are bad, he puts them on meat hooks and farms their blood. Whee! Unfortunately, Marcus didn't show up for a long time so I barely participated in the game until the 10th turn or so. Lame! Josh was in the grandprey spot between LSJ and Ben Peal and he was killed by their intercept even more than I was. Albert Chang was my predator playing anarch Daughters and !Toreador vote.

I played my Malk/!Malk vote deck in the next round and completely messed up the game. I couldn't kill Devin, my prey because of his amazing ability to come up with like four intercept out of the blue and kill my Parity Shifts with Confusion of the Eye. Albert beat up Ethan Burrow and then Jon Sushinsky to gain 2 VPs. I should've at that point ousted Devin and had a good shot at killing Albert after that (Secure Haven on Rachel Brandywine would've been key here), but Rachel was Confused again and my KRC failed. Devin got Albert and then finished me off.

With no VPs so far I had to pull out a big gun, my Ignazio fight/bleed deck. I preyed on Ethan's !Ventrue bleed deck who preyed on John Pattie's Thelerity deck preying on Jon Sushinsky's Ravnos breed deck preying on Ben Peal's zillion Raven Spies. Everything went right for me this game. Ben couldn't get Raven Spies and was totally pinned down by Jon and unable to do anything to me or even think about blocking my superior Governs. Soon I was destroying Ethan's minions and bleeding him for 5. After that, I took down Goratrix with a couple Earthshocks and diablerized him with Ignazio, getting the Drum of Xipe Totec! Jon managed to get Ben, but I had an easy time of it in the endgame.

Josh mostly recounted the final already. For some reason I suffer terrible handjam with that deck even though the master count isn't that high. Not sure why that always happens, but I clearly need to do something to correct the problem. I had five masters in hand when I died. I had hoped 10 pool would be enough to survive for a turn and give me the chance to oust Devin, but Ethan was bounced to me for 4, then Josh bled for 4 and 5 (reduced to 4 by Greta - big deal!).

After that, I played a Phased Motion game with John Pattie, LSJ, Jon Sushinsky and Oscar. That was pretty cool and I won. I really enjoy the format, although we all need to build decks to better take advantage of it. Then we left The Ram and played more games in some hotel somewhere. We played some game that had something to do with a bottle (no, it was not spun). Actually, I didn't play that one, but I watched it which was good enough because I was sobering up a little after drinking all day. Then we played Bang twice and that was fun. I may have to buy that one. Then there was another round of VTES. I played my stupid gun deck and screwed up the game for everyone and everyone had a great time!

We're soon off to Swainbank twice. It'll be great. You should've come.


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