Monday, July 04, 2005

still not entirely coherent

So I appear to have contracted some sort of evil plague, of which we were warned by a Fantasy Flight employee while talking to him about the Game of Thrones board game.

Sadly, I was too cheap to purchase $40 for a month of wireless access at Starbucks and Hyatt hotels across the nation. That's $10 a day for Origins, and it just didn't seem worth it. Largely my fault I guess, though maybe Josh was at fault too?

Personally, I sucked all weekend, playing lots and lots of new decks at Warning Sirens: Columbus on Wednesday night, the 20 hours of V:tES madness on Thursday (played in 8 games), and at the tournament on Friday. In those 12 games, I believe that I played with Mark Loughman in 4 of them, and we were playing pretty much the exact same deck 3 times. Both of us playing Nosferatu POT/FOR wasn't that surprising, and it didn't entirely suck, as I was playing Cock Robin Trophy weirdness, and he was playing a much more solid Group 1-2 deck. Also, John Bell playing Enkidu wasn't his predator. One of the other games, however, we had both been planning on getting out Cardano. Cardano! I was playing Cardano multi-rush, he was playing FOR/THA stuff. He had other options, I didn't. Luckily, we decided to play nice, being cross-table. I think at another table, we were both playing Assamites or something. I can't remember anymore.

On the plus side, I got all the suckage out of my system for the qualifier on Saturday. I managed to get 2 TWs and 8 VPs with Group 1-2 DOM/THA bruise-bleed. I was 2nd seed going into the finals, where my deck utterly failed me...I saw 1 Govern and 1 Threats over about 8 turns. I sat as the predator of a 12 Cybele & Great Beast deck, because I thought that Seduction would work pretty well against that. Little did I realize that I would be forced to suffer the shame of bleeding it for 1 point per action approximately 8 or 9 times. I tried to get a little too tricky a couple of times (not DI-ing the Political Ally my predator put into play, using a Wake to kill it later, needing that wake to deflect Democritus' bleed for 6, using the DI on the Foreshadowing instead), and mostly ended up as the endpoint of all the stealthy bleed coming down the line.

Origins is good fun. That is all. Maybe a post on the actual finals later.


Blogger Peter Oh said...

It was good to meet Xian. In fact, I've decided that he is my new hero. Signal and Report will also be the house band at PeteCon, which starts today! Come to beautiful Beltsville, MD and we can play even more VTES before GenCon. All the cool kids are coming. Well, okay, they're not, but I'll be there!

I had an absolute blast at Origins. I managed to make the finals of three tournaments (even though one was a mere five player draft running concurrently with the qualifier). I had a great time finally meeting many VTES luminaries. I will definitely be there again next year and I'm even more geeked up for GenCon now.


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